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Oct 25

UX Design in Practice

Whether you’re a designer, product owner, business analyst or developer, you’re probably already performing some sort of UX whether you realize it or not.
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Reminders for the 10th Annual Business Analysis Conference 2018 - September 27

With the Annual Conference countdown beginning, here's a few tips and reminders:

  • Plan your day

Take a moment to review the conference program.  This can be found on Yapp or from the  Heartland Chapter Conference Events Page

  • Download all the conference information to your mobile device

Yapp is a great way to organize your day and have all the conference inform at your fingertips including details about the speakers and breakout sessions.

You can access all the conference information on your mobile device!  Download Yapp from the app store to your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Once in the app, select the update or add an existing.  The code you will need to enter is 8CONFERENCE.
  • Use the app to create a personalized conference schedule and chat with other conference participants.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to have your professional photo taken.  The photographer will be available from 7:15 am through lunch.

It will be an exciting, fun filled day!